I recently got a job at a major fashion retailer where I held the position of Sales Associate, the pay was impossible to revoke a bunch of customers were from asia. I was asked to give my honest opinion what I think about many things, sometimes speaking about things I didn’t know. I could see the store picking up especially on pricing, although with the same discounts. I am somewhat trying to explain something I don’t know; such as the discount fee located at the front of their store and those price tags it was geeked out. Multitasking I believe it when they say a customer is always right, believe me there were plenty of them all over this shopping mall during the holiday’s. Outside is a concession stand where the vendor happens to be Korean she’s selling items and i’m seated next to her waiting to start doing my job. Our store is inside a major shopping center and the clothes are really selling well next to the cellular phone store, and the jewelry store, I don’t see any apple computer but I think products sell better with or without anyone’s approval like fortune cookies. I’m getting in the way China is the largest market for various goods and services. Our store had a computer upgrade I had a difficulty with exiting after my shift ended, and the store closed everyone departed. The relationship I had with the staff wasn’t very comfortable I notice alotta print ad’s and material mentioning employees from many stores worldwide but nothing in asia just the customer, inventory splendid a bit too fast passed. No caring of who or what I intend to become it is really up to them whether I will return.


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