Did Obama dye his gray hair away?

Well I dunno about the grey in our president‘s hair do, it’s perhaps possible to say that this wasn’t a game meeting with a Chinese president. From the start I see a gentleman step off airplane and walk down the stairs, there is a car waiting and it’s probably going to leave after the photo with the Vice get’s taken. Meanwhile at the first dinner and evening coverage news or information about what is going on, I suppose everyone would like to leave I wasn’t home for President Hu arrived I did go past the airport. There is alot of construction happening at this place, i’m nobody special and i’ve only just noticed construction workers on the side of the road it might explain my toothache these are construction workers and not average civilians. I caught some sleep after arriving back home that evening I had been moving since early in the afternoon. If in fact someone intended to get in touch with me I carry around a cellular phone. Lately though it’s become difficult to ignore the bad weather and convenient stores. I normally work the evening shift but it’s seemed sad figuring out what I am capable of doing, sad saying what some companies want from seasonal and never a FT employee. With all that construction happening someone without a hard hat can be easily confused for a terrorist. So for instance the gas stations at D/FW south entrance. I was going past there and I look to the left from where I am seated and I notice a black sedan parked nearby; I was just moving from the rental car location. I passed some high school students walking home on my way, they must have switched pants or something because one of them looked back when I am enter the highway. I would go past a school bus on this road, to a city called Irving located some few miles from where I live. I presume Las Colinas isn’t confusing to anyone I don’t see Allianz here anymore, just a church but would soon regret having to drive past a man with a hard hat helmet near this southbound exit. The presidential visit I overhear on cctv which I normally watch by myself here at home, there was plenty of buzz happening but I don’t think it’s worth getting to any of them. The second dinner is being broadcast on France 24 so I get up and tune it to watch it, the only problem is getting up 5 AM. Last edition was with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of India, I was away from the house but heard reports I seem to know my etiquette around that place.


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