After Bad Luck Leaves, Miss Africa New York Emerges

The only thing I can say about this article is the fact that i’ve tried to apply for work at some of the fashion outlets in town and been turned down. Stepped into ask for employment normal does take very much effort, the store was across town some 30 minutes away. I got hired at fashion retailer Abercrombie. I learned many things from them a seasonal customers service rep mostly in the afternoon and evening selling clothes. I don’t see the reason why an african woman should not be modeling or on the catwalk, sometimes this frame of thinking doesn’t work well with other models. But for those with bad luck maybe a modeling agency may be able to help make matters less of a hustle. I found myself sometimes having to explain that I was just hired when they ask about clothes. If you don’t do what they tell you chances are your going to be terminated most don’t tolerate filth.


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