Look of The Moment 2011 | Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge

Fashion designer Alexander McQueen born Lee Alexander McQueen. There are a few celebs who wear these garments for example we clarified actress Rachel Weisz & Rooney Mara in Miu Miu at ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ Photocall in Berlin. But the look of the moment inspired Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge to wear a wedding gown designed by him. Worked as a chief designer at Givenchy from 1996 to 2001 and for founding his own label. In 1997 Icelandic singer Björk sought McQueen’s work for the cover of her album Homogenic. At the age of twenty years, Mcqueen shoes began working with the Japanese designer Koji Tatsuno, whose specialty was the manufacture of clothing from ancient materials. Italian designer Romeo Gigli, then took him in as an apprentice and was quick to Gigli, Alexander Mcqueen heels special talents terminate. Particularly noticed his tendency to Romeo Gigli designs are unconventional and far-out. After working for many years, McQueen returned to school by his MA at Central St Martins College. The fashion Alexander Mcqueen Bridal collections he did as a student at Central St. Martins, were purchased by the magazine editor and fashion enthusiasts, Isabella Blow. Alexander Mcqueen shoes extensive background and colorful experiences help to explain why he ended such a dramatic impact on the world of fashion. He began our early, worked for many designers, and thus learned his craft. In other words, he was successful not only by a natural talent, but also through hard work and patience. Because of the inspiration I suppose everyone in the industry prefers doing whatever is necessary to portray the right image of the fashion design. The reason people watching bbc portrayed him as a talented fashion designer.


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