Royals: Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee

I wanted to urge everyone to tune in June 3rd to Cnn for the special live coverage. put up a special diamond jubilee page last week
http://edition.cnn.c…ee/?hpt=ieu_bn1 From this as well as Max, Richard and Becky will also have a key role in coverage…The Jubilee weekend is Saturday 2nd-Tuesday 5th June. On Saturday the Queen is going to Epsom Horse Racing. On Sunday there is a pageant of boats on the River Thames in Central London. Monday’s main event is a music concert organised by the BBC. Tuesday sees the ‘formal’ service of thanksgiving/Buckingham Palace balcony appearance/Military flypast. So as far as CNN is concerned I suspect the coverage will focus around Sunday afternoon (UK time) and Tuesday morning/early afternoon (UK time)

The Aviationist

On Saturday May 19, Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her first 60 years as monarch. Here are the graphics that explain how the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, a flypast of over 80 aircraft (more than those taking part to the previous editions) belonging to the British air arms, will take place.

Source: Royal Air Force

Two Temporary Airspace Restrictions or RA(T)s will be in force from 09:30 to 11:30 hours (UTC) and from 09:50 to 11:50 hours (UTC) on 19 May and affect a broad corridor of airspace from the South Coast to west London, corresponding to the route the formation will fly to reach Windsor, and then to the north and northwest of Windsor to facilitate the dispersal of the aircraft.

You will notice that the Typhoon, UK’s most advanced plane (F-35B aside) is not featured in the main flypast: don’t worry, it’s not being grounded like…

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