Remembering 9/11

If you or anyone would like to see what took place on 9/11/2001 take a look at some of this photographs. I would also like to note the former president George Bush, I doubt if anyone bothered asking for his autobiography at the local library but I have done it. It’s been hard on us Americans this just happened and whether anyone is to blame is up to the Lord to decide it. The power to express my ingratitude has been tarnished sometimes by the constant attention being given to techies who don’t really seem to care about the poor. In order to move up one sometimes has to figure out and obtain whatever is necessary to help himself get over such a tragedy. This is very complicated and one might need to speak to a law enforcement officer, someone with legal ends or a pastor. But I really think Al-Qaeda came down on that day it’s not even worth it telling you what has taken place since that time. Only problem is the darkness that needs to be checked upon because i’m not going to sit and tolerate such a catastrophe theory will someone tune to Cnn.


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