Richard Chai

Last night, I was asked to go grab some food mom was hungry I agreed. I took off for the local fast food restaurant and happened to be thinking about a better location, so I went past Jack In The Box heading for Burger King. At the traffic light i’m turning left and thinking if they didn’t close down that 7-11 I would be in there. It’s the second business that’s closed down and they closed off the windows it was completely gone i’m sorry there is nothing I could do to stop them from closing it down. Across from it there is a Taco Bell I went to eat there before departing for Orlando, Florida it appears like there is nothing going on over there. Usually in the evening there is so much traffic i’m rolling by there and hear tires screaming it’s busy, there is also a Mcdonalds I was in there buying chicken nuggets. So anyway, I arrived and ordered some food but as soon as I returned mom was upset with me because I didn’t get what she had wanted from the fast food joint. I was very sorry and promised I would return with the correct order which was a chicken hamburger, some large fries and milk shake. I think it was rude but I didn’t care I was about to eat a Ceasar salad wrap, turkey burger and fries. For the drink were 2 Mango smoothies which I think could have tasted better. I just drank one this afternoon it was sitting in the fridge so I dropped three ice cubes into the cub but no luck getting it to freeze, I watched the lady at the Jack in the Box pour Vanilla into the cup. It was very late around 12am but i’m usually out running around in the middle of the night now that I am no longer working at the airport. I thanked mom for helping me register the car at the department of motor vehicle I was just there and using the cellular at the counter, the lady asked me to switch it off I called her from there to ask for her driving license number. I dunno who is going to inspect the car tag is supposed to be done by this month this car i’m driving isn’t very fast but i’m going to see if I can repair the axle and suspension the arlington police were on patrol.


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