Everything You Need to Know About Haider Ackermann, the Brand Kanye West Has Been Constantly Rocking

Complex – I haven’t found many interesting things about Paris fashion looks like there were none posted I was ignorant about it. I must have missed placing them because I don’t see them something, someone took them off. I ran into the wrong response because as far as I know I have placed many times headlines regarding fashion stuff nobody would like others to notice on this blog plenty of stuff relating to movies and French culture so for someone to include such a designer in an article on Complex then expect to be trusted about it is awkward it’s funny to be looking for the category and misspell it. I don’t notice anyone doing wrong but you know people get upset over the web and take it they’re talented about French culture but their not even going to Paris, Atlanta, Dallas, Dubai etc about me asking looks like they think it’s bad publicity they should know not to do others wrong. They are lying about leaving out the French it’s out of the question although they do sell nice clothes, make nice things it’s not a surprise for such a mistake to be happening a serious blog malfunction a mistake on my part.


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