Michelle Rodriguez, Charlize Theron, Zoë Kravitz & More Bring “Mad Max: Fury Road” to Cannes

Yahoo -While sitting on the couch waiting to watch a movie this trailer for this film came on, I however wasn’t going to ignore the smoke so I just highlighted it expecting to perhaps watch it when it hits the big screen. Mainly appears to be a big attempt to please the hollywood elite this works sometimes, but it looks too far out somewhere in the desert. I know a little bit about the Sahara unlike a Russian action thriller you have to wonder what exactly is going to happen next?? where was it filmed etc. I want to watch it if and when it does come onscreen there doesn’t seem to be anymore film trailers to take up the directors attention. I’m not a Nomad, the person directing may need to slow down and get the script and everything straightened out. The movie is essentially one long, relentless chase scene, with a succession of battles fought across scorched and barren wasteland.


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