Kim Kardashian West: Maybe I Post Too Many Bikini Selfies

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For the woman who created a 352-page coffee table book of nothing but selfies (both mundane and risqué), you would think that the words “too many selfies” might never come out of her mouth. But Kim Kardashian admits that she might overdo it for some people’s tastes.

Kim Kardashian bikini selfiesnCourtesy Kim Kardashian

In her Cannes Lion talk about her tech presence, Kardashian addressed her Instagram account — and criticism thereof. “I have really stayed true to myself on Instagram,” she said, according to Page Six. “Maybe I post too many bikini selfies for some people, but my Instagram is exactly what I want.”

Last day to get my tan in…

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And though you’ll see her feed filled with designer gifts and shout-outs, the star says she listens to her gut when deciding what to share. “I know some of the…

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