Hats off to talented Kenyan milliner Chloe Mitchell

Being a milliner in Kenya means going the extra mile to invest in uniqueness of a product, competing with cheaper imports and convincing the market that your product is worth the extra coin; that’s the story of Chloe Mitchell, who makes hats and headpieces in Nairobi.


AD CAMPAIGN: Sun Fei Fei for Nordstrom, Spring/Summer 2016

Asian Models Blog posted this somewhat interesting post which I want to highlight on here I have noticed how important it is to appear clean and well groomed. I however hope that I can maybe see something I like and go grab it because obtaining is better than free loathing, you cannot just notice something anymore if you just want to look stylish it cost plenty of dollars. More importantly the t-shirt and sneaker game I wanted stuff but if it’s only going to impress me I don’t want to be bothered with talking about something I don’t know about fashion needs for you to look good but you gotta pay up. Buying into stuff that cost thousands but is sold at a discount creates doubts just telling you the facts because the days when someone could make a promise and years later see the rewards have come and gone it’s time to make choices. If you notice something especially in a foreign countries where I didn’t think I would be shown how to step up my game, I was looking down on a Peter England shirt which obviously wasn’t free but I made a note upstairs to check it out when I had the time. But since I haven’t yet purchased anything like it but have been to the mall and fantasized where I could see more stuff I could be rocking, I really wanted to order it. There are many locations I need to change my wardrobe and style to impress the people i’m with the person I walked away from.

New York Fashion Week

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A New Online Atlas for Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week: Day 1

I would like to post these links because I was watching tv and heard about Fashion Week NYC there’s alot you can find online so much going on Autumn is quickly approaching how is anybody going to sit and watch meanwhile unable to obtain stuff doesn’t matter where but especially at the store.

For instance since last going to window shop I figure the only thing anyone is going to notice is the Adidas brand otherwise they got so many walking around nothing new the way they treat patrons walking is funny. I also notice they’re using the radio to further their dislike it’s impossible going places the hackers aren’t smart they’ve gone corporate. If your looking for a place to live find hacking interested take a quick walk into the mall yourself see the foolish things familiar faces go to make a fool out of you. It took the attention away from leaving they’ve used the term millenials to describe people it’s crude but I don’t mind trying to share my lack of understanding about discrimination.