A Chinese store seems to have found a loophole that allows them to sell ‘legit’ Yeezy knock-offs. The store is located in Wenzhou (not far from Suzhou, where read more.


Getting Ready with Mary J. Blige

The Coveteur – There’s a small handful of dream scenarios that just kind of scream, ‘Oscar night’. The type that truly capture the idea of real, unabashed Hollywood glamour.

AD CAMPAIGN: Sun Fei Fei for Nordstrom, Spring/Summer 2016

Asian Models Blog posted this somewhat interesting post which I want to highlight on here I have noticed how important it is to appear clean and well groomed. I however hope that I can maybe see something I like and go grab it because obtaining is better than free loathing, you cannot just notice something anymore if you just want to look stylish it cost plenty of dollars. More importantly the t-shirt and sneaker game I wanted stuff but if it’s only going to impress me I don’t want to be bothered with talking about something I don’t know about fashion needs for you to look good but you gotta pay up. Buying into stuff that cost thousands but is sold at a discount creates doubts just telling you the facts because the days when someone could make a promise and years later see the rewards have come and gone it’s time to make choices. If you notice something especially in a foreign countries where I didn’t think I would be shown how to step up my game, I was looking down on a Peter England shirt which obviously wasn’t free but I made a note upstairs to check it out when I had the time. But since I haven’t yet purchased anything like it but have been to the mall and fantasized where I could see more stuff I could be rocking, I really wanted to order it. There are many locations I need to change my wardrobe and style to impress the people i’m with the person I walked away from.

Status Update

I just realized one of the categories is missing sorry but numerous posts have disappeared someone deleted them, the name of the category which has gone missing i’m afraid is Los Amigos, it’s not going to be often that I use the term “Mexican” just surfed in to find them gone the news posts are missing. Mi feel fi kunk kaaz deh yah pon di gully side gyal clown where did they go? which way? quips bad man wagon losing posts. Please don’t waste your money on rubbish the internet is full of scammers.