Kendall Jenner for VOGUE (April 2016)

In the magazine they visit with her and some of her friends, follow her for a few days to witness her entrepreneurial skills first hand, learn about how she became such a social media giant and more. The spread was shot by Mario Testino and will only be sent out to subscribers in New York and Los Angeles. Below is a video of Kendall and Gigi Hadid having a sleepover party in Chanel.

Status Update

I just realized one of the categories is missing sorry but numerous posts have disappeared someone deleted them, the name of the category which has gone missing i’m afraid is Los Amigos, it’s not going to be often that I use the term “Mexican” just surfed in to find them gone the news posts are missing. Mi feel fi kunk kaaz deh yah pon di gully side gyal clown where did they go? which way? quips bad man wagon losing posts. Please don’t waste your money on rubbish the internet is full of scammers.

This Is 46. Jennifer Lopez Wows In a Sheer Cutout Dress (Sans Underwear) For Her Birthday Party

Wassup I wanted to post this article which shows the J.LO outfit it looks very nice I am always curious about J.LO she’s got a unique voice and smart, cool and very beautiful personality. She sported a black sheer cutout dress by little known L.A.-based designer Bao Tranchi, ever heard or know of him? okay. All this prior to seeing the Mexican soccer team win the 2015 Gold Cup. Happy Birthday to Jennifer Lopez celebrating her 46th birthday party in the Hamptons, I dunno why but I wasn’t looking forward to posting this message until I realized I was going to miss watching the TUDOR Championship motorsport race from Lime Rock, Jennifer Lopez is mega talented.